London-based singer Cherry Dragon comes back after her single Altar with Starlight, a song about carving out your own path and accepting whichever way you decide to go in life. This came from a sort of epiphany, as she herself describes it: “I noticed so many people were struggling because they didn’t have the job or the relationship or the house they feel that they are ‘supposed to have’. It’s easy to fall for the pressure that society can project on to us but really it's our lives and we only have the one. I decided I’m gonna live it how I want to.”
She explains that her heritage has deeply influenced her approach and relationship to music, being Irish-Nigerian and having been brought up through four different religions by the time she was 7. Cherry Dragon aims to mix her influences, whether they be from jazz, soul, indie, rap or even classical music, as she explains, “My experiences have always influenced me as a person and as an artist, they are sewn into who I am. Growing up in Ireland no one looked like me at the time, I felt being different was a bad thing. It took a bit of time but I've learned to be grateful for my differences and I look for that in music too.”

Taking into account the great reception of her previous track, which blended Nina Simone's Sinnerman and a touch of Afrobeats, Starlight is poised to become quite a hit. As she explains, “In a way, Cherry Dragon for me is a celebration of being different, being human,” and that is exactly what is being conveyed through her music. There's also a sense of relief at the same time as empowerment whilst you listen to her understated melodies and her emotional vocal delivery.