Even though Covid-19 is cancelling your favourite plans and putting way too many things on hold, it is also a challenge for artists to think outside the box and find ways to get to their audience with creative, unique content. Singer, songwriter and METAL 42 cover star Charli XCX has been nailing it since she announced the release of her quarantine album How I’m Feeling Now, set to be released on May 15, earlier in April. Since then, she’s already published two songs: Forever, and now, Claws, accompanied by a very DIY video.
Directed by Charlotte Rutherford on Charli’s basement, the new lo-fi music video sees the British singer in a hot pink bikini top and matching sporty pants or in an oversized silk shirt dancing or posing in front of an ever-changing green screen as a backdrop, which goes from a utopian PC paradise with butterflies and rainbows, to a submarine whirlwind. Enjoy her TikTok-worthy choreographies here!