Previously known as Smoosh, sisters Asy and Chloe Saavedra adopted Chaos Chaos as a new name for the band inspired by “an ever-changing amoeba” because, in her words, “we felt it represented our music path and history”. Now, they’ve invited a third person to the party: her younger sister, Maia, who’s directed and filmed the music video of On Turning 23, a song written by Asy two years ago but that they’ve released now because of Chloe’s 23rd birthday. Is there anything stronger than consanguinity?
Asy wrote the lyrics when she turned twenty-three while living in Berlin. She has a rather interesting tradition: she adds a journal entry on the day of her birthday every year and writes about the current time she is living and also predicts what she will be doing a year from then, on her next birthday. And as it turns out, she wrote the lyrics of the song back then. “I love making songs and journal entries that come out sort of stream of consciousness-style”, she’s told us.

The song was written all in once, and they ended up using the first demo they recorded as the final version. The inspiration came from the city’s public transport. “I was thinking about the feeling of being on the Berlin trams at night and being caught in a peaceful melancholy. I remember feeling isolated and watching people around me”, Asy says. So the music video, directed by Maia – the youngest of the three and not a member of Chaos Chaos –, couldn’t be much different. “One of the focuses of the video was trying to create a feeling of nostalgia for people that were complete strangers. I really love how a person's small gesture can be so revealing to who they are”, Maia says.

Currently, Chaos Chaos have become even more independent than ever and are working with no agents – although they don’t discard working with the right team if they find it. “But for now we feel the best way to carry out our vision to the fullest is to do so just us. We know what we want to do and we’re gonna take it as far as we can on our own.”

So what’s next after that? For the moment, we can confirm that they plan to launch a full-length on spring next year. And, even though they keep it secretly because they’re not allowed to talk much, they’ve also revealed that they’re planning something for TV. “Aside from that, I guess the good and also annoying thing about being a musician is that you never really know what the future entails.” We’ll have to wait and see, then.