Celine Love is a young singer-songwriter of African American, Jamaican and German descent, originally from Hamburg (Germany) and now living in the metropolitan city of London. She is offering the audience a melodic and alluring journey with her fresh cut Like You Like That.
This is both a self-discovery and a socio-critical glance through a rich blend of minimalist R&B, soul, and a generous shot of indie-pop. “Like You Like That’ is about the fear of losing myself in the idea of a perfect romance. After a long term relationship that ended during the lockdown, I was just starting to feel comfortable in my skin because I had the time to focus on myself,” she says about the single. Even though it is about her personal experiences, she assuredly reaches most listeners’ feelings and experiences as well.

For Love, this first song with producer TR33 feels like a new beginning for her career, but also for personal growth. The singer wants us to be able to take the blinders off, and start to treat our hearts as main characters, before caring for others. In the upcoming debut EP Aquarius SZN, she will continue to blend the soulful acoustic-pop background with TR33’s R&B influence, which she is leaning into more and more.