Starting from his own memories and journey, and keeping with the tradition of the ‘couturier parfumeur’, Hedi Slimane presents Celine Haute Parfumerie. The collection is comprised of eleven different fragrances, nine of which are already available at the recently inaugurated boutique at 390, Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris – the other two are coming in 2020. With names as inspiring as Dans Paris, La Peu Nue (‘naked skin’) or Nightclubbing, Celine’s creative director sets a new milestone for the French maison.
However different from each other, these perfumes are linked together by one singular olfactory imprint, a powdery note that Slimane particularly loves – although they are, of course, singular in their particular way. But don’t expect a range of smells from super masculine to super feminine (understanding those terms in the most traditional way). True to his identity and the current zeitgeist, Hedi Slimane’s eleven new creations are both for him, her and them, and you can also wear them either during the day or in the evening. For you to have a first idea, the Reptile has notes of cedar, pepper, tree moss, leather and musk; Eau de Californie features bergamot, white orris butter, palo santo, tree moss and patchouli; Cologne Française is made of neroli, fig tree, white orris butter, tree moss and musk; Dans Paris is made of bergamot, coriander seed, laurel blossom, musk and vanilla; or Nightclubbing features galbanum, white orris butter, patchouli, tree moss, vanilla and musk.

These new parfums all come in a minimalist rectangular bottle that Slimane has designed following the great tradition of French glassmaking. Combining glass and black lacquer, it’s decorated on two sides with sharp-edged fluting and topped with a faceted black lacquered cap. And they all look like a translucent, elegant army when put together in the new Celine Haute Parfumerie Boutique, a minimalist space featuring grand antique marble with a lacquered finish, illuminated slabs of alabaster and an infinite array of mirrors. Moreover, the high-end retail space at the heart of Paris also has artworks by different contemporary artists like Luisa Gardini, Rochelle Goldberg, Camilla Reyman and Søren Sejr.
You can visit Celine Haute Parfumerie Boutique at 390, Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris.
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