Those whose hearts haven't been broken before cast the first stone. If we're lucky, our close ones can help us navigate those times and rise up from the pain as a better, more empowered, and new liberated versions of ourselves, but if we maybe lack that type of support in our lives, the Southern California-based artist Ceara Cavalieri new song can easily do the job. With That's My Bitch we can listen to uplifting words with an equally vibrant energy as many times as we want, until the damage has been mended.
In a world where having a good support system is more important than ever, it is nice to land with songs that reinforce these positive messages and energy in our lives. With her new song, Ceara Cavalieri takes on the role of that friend that snaps you out of the remaining delusion that seems impossible to get rid of after being hurt by, you guessed it, a man. With the catchy and very trendy amongst the new generations "That's my bitch" line that gives name to the single, plus a pop rock instrumental that promises to raise the mood even of the saddest of the girls, the purpose of the song is fulfilled.
Cavalieri's love for music has manifested from the early age of three until now, when, even after graduating with a degree in psychology, she knew the path to follow was the one that has been present throughout all her life. Having released ten singles already and building a signature sound with each one of them, there's no sign she's going to stop anytime soon, even less when a tour around the UK and Europe as an opener for Leah Kate on her “Super Over” is happening right now. So wipe off your tears, tune in to Ceara's new song, and remember, you're that bitch.