Sometimes knowing the truth hurts, but it still doesn't mean that it's not necessary to hear it. Uncertainty gnaws at our insides, and only the truth can stop it. That’s what Arrows, Casey Tutton’s song, is all about. It will hurt, but it will be good for you in the long run. Written with her best friend and produced by her older brother, this song, which is out now, is her first release – not bad for a debut!
Arrows it’s about falling for someone who keeps leading you on and then running away, and dealing with that uncertainty,” explains Tutton. Throughout the lyrics, with statements like “Wish you’d play me like the strings on your guitar” or “Would you laugh at me if I tried to hold your hand?,” you can understand the agony of not understanding what the other person is feeling, which is sometimes worse than the truth. Writing this song has also helped her realise that, in her own words, “We romanticise the people we like.”

Through a personal experience, Casey Tutton sings in a soft and melodious voice, everything she felt while she was in love. The melody is calm, the guitar and voice take you to another place, to one where you are able to relive many feelings. The chorus is like an arrow striking to your heart, which make them very easy to empathise with. Tutton will release more songs in the upcoming months, and we may even hear a future EP.
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