Cary Fagan is a 26 year old fine art photographer living in Texas. He creates a beautiful world through his eyes and the lens of his beloved Nikon film camera. Cary recently discovered what real happiness means for him and he is having the success he deserves with big accomplishments, exhibitions in art galleries and giving speeches about his passion for photography.
How would you describe your photography in a word?
As your career is unfolding you are discovering what’s your place in the world. When and how have you realized photography was becoming your profession?
I didn’t realize it, it’s something I enjoy doing. Photography is something I've worked on for eight years. I’ve failed multiple times.
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You often compare analogic photography to Christmas, can you explain this interesting resemblance?
It’s funny you ask that. Ever since I switched from digital to shooting film, I've always had an eagerness to learn more about it. Film is trial and error, and when you fix the mistakes you gain more. It’s fair to say that I was born with natural patience, so I'm never in a rush to change the process of the film. When I do see the developed photos, each image is a gift from the roll.
With CFmemories you expose some of your precious memories that you’ve collected through time. How do you feel showing the world such an intimate piece of yourself? Where is this project coming from?
I show the world a piece of where my happiness roots from. My close friends, they motivate me. I’ve been lucky enough to be around some of the most creative people. CFmemories is my everyday life; candidly freezing time so that the future can appreciate these moments when I’m gone.
“Like a fresh cut, turning into a scar… it leaves a memories behind”
You often shoot your muse Cintrena. How come she is the subject of so many of your photos?
I think we work very well together when it comes to the creative process. She and I feed off each other’s energy and ideas; two jigsaw pieces that fit together. We’ve been through a lot together and it has given us a sense of wisdom in our inspiration. We like to inspire others just as they inspire us.
Which one of your projects are you more proud of?
It’s hard, I develop different techniques and strengths, none of my works are perfect. I will say that I’m beginning to obsess over the quality of my new investment.
How do you feel when you shoot?
The color yellow, it seems to make an appearance on a majority of my work.
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I heard you love jazz music. Do you believe that music plays a big role in your inspiration process and mood? What impact does it have on your photography?
Well, without music, I think most people wouldn’t function too well. Music moves people.To me, when I play jazz music (mostly Roy Ayers / Sun Ra) I get excited. There’s so much detail in their pieces; many instruments. I have fun playing the same song over in one sitting picking out the very smallest parts of the piece and playing it in my head. Most of the time when I shoot I like to have music in the background for a comfortable atmosphere, most people don’t mind.
Tell us about your book Naked and where it comes from.
It’s simple Naked. “What if we took the photograph as if the model wasn’t there”. That’s it.
You have an ankle tattoo, don’t you? I’m curious to ask you the meaning behind it.
‘Leveled up’ (which is what it says in the tattoo) is my recent full page feature in the Houston Chronicle, my successful documentation of the Yeezy Season 3 show in Madison Square Garden.
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