“For the longest time I lived in a place of not knowing who I was while at the same time discovering who I am,” says American vocalist, instrumentalist and songwriter Carmen Jane openly. It was then that she embarked on the journey of introspection without denying fear, guilt or insecurities through music. “I don’t live in that place anymore. Today, I am a girl who writes songs about real stories and deep pain regardless of perception.” Today she releases her new single along with a music video, Blame You. A track that is about the journey of anger that we often take.
Taking responsibility for our actions is not an easy task. And as the singer herself says, the human being tends to blame others for the negative effects or consequences that are not to our liking, in a selfish instinct of which many times we are not even aware. “The video shows both sides. The struggle between oneself and the struggle between two humans who most certainly don’t always get it right,” she explains about her new release, making her grand return with an aggressive new song in which she continues to explore the darker side of sound.

It is true that her songs and the way she tells the story make us want more as if it were an addictive substance. Born and raised in Washington state, and after partnering with producer and songwriter Nico Rebscher, Carmen Jane is clear on what her goals are and what her music's raison d'être is. Tracks that force you to feel, encourage you to dig deep, allow you to open, shut down or breathe out, in a continuous exercise of learning and connection that began when she released her first single Your Madness in late 2022. An intense adventure that has just started.