Collaborations between musical artists can result in stunning formulas. These may have never been seen before, being the result of the sum of forces in which two creative visions are intermingled. That is precisely what has happened to the international recording artist and music executive based out of Los Angeles Capo Corleone and Polish jazz musician and global producer Kuba Więcek. After having released the single Fly in collaboration with Warsaw's pop sensation Zalia, they are presenting their latest release, Thank Myself. And we assure you that this song sets the stage for a project about self-will, determination and love for yourself.
“Happy Birthday to me. I want to #thankmyself for always staying strong, always believing in myself and always following my dreams,” Corleone shared in one of his latest Instagram posts coinciding with his birthday. And this is the subject the artist, who sky-rocketed to a charted position in the Apple iTunes Hip Hop Charts ahead of artists like Drake, Kanye and Eminem, addresses in this new single. It's about understanding that only you can make yourself successful, being the result of a self-reflection process with which to believe in your own abilities and strengths to thrive beyond your wildest dreams.

“For this song in particular, it was a moment of self-reflection. I was sitting in my mother’s garden thinking about my childhood and how far I had come in my life,” says Corleone when asked about Thank Myself, which was the first song he wrote with Więcek at the height of the pandemic. Having got the title of winner of the Fryderyk Awards – New Face of Fonography for Jazz, Więcek once again collaborates with Capo after the success achieved with Fly, which is already close to a million streams on Spotify. What will be the next chapter of their story?
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