For a moment of introspection, quietly and with focused intent, take a seat in the centre of your consciousness; in the place that contains everything and nothing. You’re now suspended between dreams and waking, where hues that once bloomed now murmur faint memories, while traces of past splendour linger amidst the dust. Notice the sound around you. Can you hear it? That tapping sound? That’s the Camperlab Spring/Summer 2024 collection, strutting deep within the recess of your mind.
This odd moment of mindful meditation I imposed upon you was slightly dramatic, yet I’m only narrating the campaign’s imagery. Creative director Achilles Ion Gabriel has orchestrated Camperlab’s first campaign in collaboration with pioneering artists, allowing viewers to absorb completely within its unconventional narrative. Set designer Shona Heath has shaped this beautifully desolate tableau, a talent that has earned her a nomination for an Academy Award for her work in Yorgos Lanthimos’s Poor Things. Behind the lens of this dystopian landscape is Dutch photographer Paul Kooiker, recognised for his surrealist-inspired visual language with the masterful interplay of light and shadow contrasts. 
Camperlab’s inaugural campaign showcases their latest footwear collection alongside the ready-to-wear assortment. It’s unsurprising that the tapping penetrated through your meditation, as they are highlighting the most notorious shoes of the season: the Tormenta sneaker, the Vamonos lace-up, the Venga high boot and the Pelotas Flota sandal. The models sashaying their way through cob wedded corridors are also adorned in pieces from the unisex ready-to-wear collection. Drawing inspiration from concepts of distortion and altered perceptions of reality, the collection features denim styles with swerving digital patterns and faded dyes. As of today, February 13th, Camperlab’s S/S 2024 collection awaits your attention.