With a very pop art-inspired style, this young illustrator has caught our attention by recreating and faking magazine covers, advertising campaigns and daily situations. Camilla Cesarini is an Italian student with many professional and personal goals, like moving to the United States or collaborating with fashion spreads. But what will the future look like for her? That, of course, we don’t know; but after seeing her strong style, developed at such a young stage in her career, makes us guess that, with hard work and a bit of luck, she’ll achieve whatever she wants.
Tell me more about yourself, who is Camilla Cesarini?
I am a twenty-two-year-old student. I am from Pesaro (Italy), and I am going to graduate in Fine Arts in Bologna.
You are very young, but your style is very strong. How would you describe it? And how did you develop it in such a short time?
I think that what distinguishes my style the most are the heavy black outlines and the flat colours, it’s very pop. It is the art movement I absolutely love the most. I have never looked for a particular style, I just seat in front of a sheet of paper and some photos, and I try to make them in my own way. I have been always drawn like that, never going too far away from what I always did, but only improving what was already there.
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You are studying Fine Arts in Bologna, so you still have a long path in front of you. Where are we going to see you next? How do you see yourself after graduating?
If everything goes according to the plans, I am going to graduate at the end of February 2018, and most likely I will stop studying. I’d love to spend few months doing an experience abroad, maybe working in art. My ideal destination is New York, but I’d like California too.
As far as I can see your illustrations depict mainly fashion-related topics. Is it your main source of inspiration? What are other referents of yours?
My sources of inspiration are fashion magazines such as Vogue and Dazed & Confused. I love their photo shoots, music videos, film and photography. It is a continuous research – and Instagram helps a lot. Gucci’s campaigns have a special place in my heart. I adore videos directed by Glen Luchford and Petra Collins.
What do you enjoy illustrating the most?
The models, the most peculiar girls. Also, I love recreating fake adverts and campaigns because they are always funnier to do.
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As you say, we can see within your work some pieces reproducing magazine covers, patterns with logos, fake campaigns, etc. What is fashion to you? What does interest you the most from this industry?
When I was studying artistic high school, I attended a fashion course for two years. I think this has had some imprinting in my way of drawing. I follow fashion and the show business because despite being a very contradicted environment full of issues, I think it preserves an aura of unmatched beauty and charm. And then there is nothing that makes you feel as good as when buying a dress that enhances you, it is beneficial.
Would you like to collaborate with any magazine or brand?
It is my biggest dream and goal in life.
It is clear that there is some irony behind some of your works. Are you an ironic girl, or is it something that just comes up with your projects? Is there always a purpose?
The irony is a fundamental element in my works and in my poetic – if it can be defined like that. Many times, when I have to write a text and I have to think how to illustrate it, I wonder, “What would make me laugh?” For instance, I just have finished printing my first illustrated book for an exam. I have chosen to represent one of Plato’s myths in an unconventional way. There is a section about Eros, and I have drawn a fashionable couple playing Twister.
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We can see many mediums in each of your works: collages with different materials and digital illustrations. What do you like the most about each of them? And how do you choose between them?
 Usually, I change over time. A year ago I did only collage and acrylic designs, but now I'm back to black and digital colour.
Is there any other medium that fascinates you but that you haven’t tried yet?
I'd love to be able to make silk-screen, like the artist Icinori, but despite having tried it I'm pretty much bad at it. But I'm also fascinated by how certain artists use acrylics and watercolours.
You are also into comics. I noticed you illustrated Cenerutolo - Favola da Bar by Stefano Benni. Do you usually write your own texts and comics or do you prefer collaborating with writers?
I’ve often drawn stories by famous writers so far – mainly for exams I had to give –, but I wrote some texts of my own. The positive thing about writing them myself is that I have all the power what I want to convey. It is a profound knowledge. I haven’t illustrated any texts under writers’ requests or commissions, but I am absolutely open to proposals.
It seems that you have translated how you see the world in illustrations. How would you describe it in three words? And what do you love and hate the most about it?
The world to me is fascinating, weary, and dominated by casualties. I love and at the same time hate being able to go home and do not know who you might meet or on which occasion you might come across.
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