Honesty is one of the pillars on which Cam Kahin is building his musical project, leaving aside trends, the search for sudden fame and media booms that just last a few days. The 20-year-old Toronto-based newcomer is now releasing his new EP When It’s All Over, and he’s set to make his UK debut at The Great Escape this year. With this new six-track project, the young artist brings us closer to his creative universe, his vision of the world, his concerns and reflections and, ultimately, to a period of changes that he was experiencing while he was making this EP.
“I wanted to make a body of work that reflected that change by stepping out of my comfort zone sonically and writing honestly about the side effects of getting older,” says Kahin when asked about the meaning behind this latest release and how he developed the creative process of his new project When It's All Over. He channelled these massive amounts of change through music, which becomes an antidote for many people, a restorative balm or a form of expression that has no limits and grants unique freedom.

Fiery indie and post-punk meet on this EP, with which the singer wishes people find comfort. “For the best listening experience, smoke some weed with your friends and listen to it in a 2006 Nissan Altima,” he adds when talking about the experience he wants to make us live through his personal sound, on a journey that stopover in six singles: Compass, What Are You Waiting For, In, Around, Try Again, Birds and Skeleton Song.
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