The artist behind Kanye’s The life of Pablo merchandise presents an exhibition of 29 American vintage flags at Eighteen Gallery in Copenhagen. America’s culture of fear is identified with all-capped lettering using the trademarked gothic typeface. Infamous; generally violent moments including the OJ Simpson court case, JFK killing and the Manson family slaughtering provoked widespread yet unforgettable fear.
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What generation usually support your work the most?
I think it’s pretty evenly distributed as far as age goes. I get to meet a lot of young people through it but also some very spirited tribal elders. I prefer things to be of all ages and all styles.
Out of the 29 flags you have created which one do you feel most connected to and why?
It would probably depend on the day. All of the events depicted have a special place in my heart. If I could keep one for my own wall it would probably be the Nuke Fear flag.
Is your work challenging murders throughout history that were warped by the media or how the US police force represented the cases? 
Neither, I don't think. These are mostly sensational moments in US history that were treated in a sensational way. They became almost like top 40 radio hits. At the same time the perpetrators often seem to be products of the cultural landscape, a wild reaction, an unnatural growth in an unnatural atmosphere.
Do you believe the US police force and government work effectively together to ensure safety and peace in the States?
No, I think the US police force and government are an oppressive force that constantly needs to be put in check.
Do you believe that the recent election in the US will have an impact on your work?
Of course. I don't have any intention of making work directly about Steve Bannon or Donald Trump, but how you choose to live and work and what you spend your money on and how you interact with people daily, it’s all political. The personal is political.
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Does the use of the American flag and particular type face have any significance to you?
Significant in that it is one of the most loaded and recognisable images in the world. It’s supposed to represent one thing and instead represents many other things to many people.
How did the public react to your exhibition in Copenhagen?
Well, I was happy with it. I guess it was a success. I hoped that it would be seen and it was seen. V1 Gallery was happy and that means a lot to me.
Out of all the crimes that you quoted on the flags, which do you remember most vividly and why?
Probably the Night stalker / Richard Ramirez flag. When he was on the loose in LA my friends and I all slept with knives under our pillows in case he came for us. It was a real boogeyman situation!
What does the American flag mean to you?
I guess more than anything it still means oppression. I think it’s too loaded to mean just one thing all the time when you live here. I can guarantee that anytime I see someone waving a flag and screaming "God bless America!” I am not going to connect with that person.
Recently, an eight-year-old American student was sent home from school in Texas for kneeling during the allegiance, as a protest against racial injustice and police brutality. What are your views on the youth of today challenging the corruption of the police force?
Everyone should challenge corruption and power no matter what their age is. If I see people pushing back I’m always happy, always hopeful.
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