Caelin's just-released EP is the result of an introspective process in which emotions rose to the surface, found each other and led to a deep process of connection with feelings and internal reflections. Making her new five-track release, save me from me, a journey about her relationship with herself brought about by the pandemic in which we spent much time with ourselves, this EP consists of songs that are honest and intimate, each touching a different style as she was creating what felt true to her at the moment.
Truth is one of the pillars on which the honest songs of rising Austin-based singer-songwriter, Caelin, are built, being not afraid to show her emotions and share them with the audience in an exercise of self-worth exploration and introspection. The five songs included in her new EP -save me from me, nobody's home, back to the ground, look me in the eye and your grave- result from having collaborated with Austin singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Mobley. Together they wrote and produced her debut EP along with production from Mason Ables, all of which was produced virtually, over Zoom.

From her experiences in interpersonal relationships, both romantic and platonic, to her connection with herself, this EP explores an intimate nature that leaves no one indifferent. And she does it by maintaining a common element that gives the project an identity, her strong vocals and vulnerable lyrics. Drawing inspiration from prominent artists such as Faye Webster, Maggie Rogers, Men I Trust, and Billie Eilish, the creative does not follow trends and prefers to bet on her own creative vision, showing the connecting power of music.