For over twenty years, C2C Festival has turned Turin into one of the most coveted cities for music lovers. In its newest edition, which will take place from October 31st to November 2nd, the Italian city will host an array of celebrated musicians, producers and singers including Arca, Romy, Sega Bodega, Darkside (the project of Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington), Bicep, and Sofia Kourtesis, among others. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?
The 22nd edition of C2C will be celebrated under the theme ‘Living with the Gods,’ drawing inspiration from the essay of the same name by British art historian Neil MacGregor. Also, the festival will coincide with Turin’s Contemporary Art Week, which brings even more attention to the city and is able to mix people from the contemporary art and music scenes. In the latest edition, C2C hosted over thirty-five thousand participants from around the world, and the newest edition promises to be equally successful.
To get things started, the Italian festival has just released the first thirteen names of renowned artists who’ll bring their shows to the city. For example, Bicep, who’ll be presenting Chroma, an immersive experience in collaboration with artist Zak Norman/Black Box Echo. Another highlight of the festival is the return of Darkside, the music band of DJ and producer Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington, which made waves in 2013 with hits like Paper Trails and appeared at Viva Club to Club in 2014. Now, ten years later, the artistic duo will bring back their hybrid of electronic music and psychedelic rock for the Italian audience.
After a couple of DJ sets, Romy from The xx is making her debut concert as a musician following the acclaimed Mid Air album – one of the top albums from last year. Also melding between electronic music and experimental production we find London darling Sega Bodega, one of the most acclaimed producers of our time (Shygirl, Björk, etc.), so that’s for sure another one not to miss. If what you’re looking for is more on the DJ side, you sure can’t miss the presentation of Hessle Audio, the British club label, whose founders Ben Ufo, Pangaea and Pearson Sound will all be performing. 
Other artists making up the line-up so far include rapper Billy Woods, Kali Malone, Mabe Fratti, Mandy, Indiana, Nala Sinephro, Shabaka, and Sophia Kourtesis. The tickets will be sold online via Dice starting February 2nd. See you there!
Billy Woods
Darkside - Photo: Jake Friedman
Hessle Audio
KALI MALONE-2023-Julien-Mignot_Paris 2.jpg
Kali Malone - Photo: Julien Mignot
Mabe Fratti
Mandy, Indiana - Photo: Harry Steel
NALA SINEPHRO-Lauren-Luxenberg 2.jpg
Nala Sinephro - Photo: Lauren Luxenberg
Romy - Photo: Vic Lentaigne
Sega Bodega
Shabaka - Phot: Udo Majanssen
Sophia Kourtesis - Photo: Dan Medhurst