Bubi Canal is a visual artist, collector, fan, biographies lover, genuine grace and truly modern thinker. Original from Santander, Spain; Bubi has built up a career focusing in one main objective: a firm belief in magic, in the possibility. He creates impossible worlds where human desires are challenged, combining different techniques such as video, photography and sculpture. His work has been exhibited in international art centres and galleries such as Centre Pompidou in Paris, La Casa Encendida in Madrid and Much Gallery in NYC.
Tireless adventurer and always hungry for new challenges, embracing change as a form of evolution; Bubi felt no fear the moment he chose to embark on a new stage in U.S.A more than two years ago. So far, 2014 has been a good year for him, new projects are coming and the publication of his first book “Dream Time”, a monograph published by ACDOS Actividad Contemporánea, will be just some of the remarkable thing that, for sure, Bubi will celebrate at the end of the year; with happiness and love, with his family and friends and with and honest feeling of gratitude, like he did with every single progress in his art career and his life.
If Paris is for lovers, NYC is for dreamers. So guess he is in the right place. We met up for a chat at his studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, to tell us all about his work and projects.
Hi Bubi, your characters look like they came straight out of a childhood dream, a beautiful one but still with this tiny scary point. Tell us, what’s your background?
I grew up admiring the work of people like Jim Henson and also watching a lot of Japanese shows which were very popular on Spanish TV. Many of these Japanese shows have this scary element that I love, maybe a space monster, a masked robot, or a mystical witch. Michael Jackson was the artist who was most impactful for me when I was young. He influences me a lot and is very present in all of my work.
First in Madrid and currently in NYC, how has your practice changed over time?
My work is constantly changing, at the same time that I am changing. I see changes in all the different cities that I’ve lived in. Looking at my old work, I can see what I was feeling at that time.
What work do you enjoying doing the most?
I love to work with my friends and people that are around me. It is always a lot of fun. Joy is very important in my work and I always try to go with the flow while I’m creating. I don’t over-complicate my process.
Bubi you have recently collaborated with the group Spain Fresh performing a POP UP in the Bowery in Manhattan. What can you tell us about this experience?
Spain Fresh put out a request for proposals for a one-night pop-up art event in a space in Manhattan. I was so happy that my proposal was selected, it’s always been a dream of mine to do a fun event like this in NYC. My idea was to produce a limited edition of 100 t-shirts that I designed. Attendees won the t-shirts through a very fun performance that I developed in collaboration with the poet and performer Jorge Clar. It was a very special night!
Do you have a dream project?
My dream project would be one that would impact millions of people, changing their lives and making them happier. It is important to trust in your dreams and not to listen to what other people say, especially if they’re saying negative things. Never take a no for an answer.
Your art invites us to believe in magic, to remember our power. Having people's attention, what do you do with it and what role does the artist have in actual society?
The artist shows what happens in society, sometimes showing the hidden and sometimes showing  the change you want to see in the world. Each artist is different and each one must find their own way. To me it’s important to connect with how I feel inside and then translate those feelings into the pieces I create. I want people to connect with my work and feel inspired by it.
How has your perspective on art and life changed the fact of having your home in a country like United States?
I think people are very entrepreneurial and optimistic here. I’m learning a lot. I´m very thankful that people are supporting me so much here. I feel very connected with this city and I always want to give back the love the people of New York have given me everyday since the moment I arrived here. I´m now working on my next solo show at Munch Gallery for 2015.
What is that corner in NYC where you always go back to and remember why you love this city?
I love our rooftop in Brooklyn.  We live in a tall building and you can see all Brooklyn and all Manhattan from there. We go to the roof to see the sunset, listen to music, dance, or take photos. Everyday I feel a very special energy there.
Where will we find Bubi Canal this summer?
I´m going to be in New York most of the summer. I love to do projects at this time of the year and when I get some free time I like to go to Coney Island, Riis Beach or Fire Island. In July I’ll be in Upstate New York visiting my family and on the last week of July I’ll be going to Disney World for the first time!