The tattoo artist, videographer and photographer Bruno Levy has just released an edgy tattoo inspired line that is wearable whilst making a subtle statement. The unisex capsule collection features soft merino wool knitwear that contrasts with the hard gun and skull motifs, as well as beautifully tailored shirts available in silky ivory material designed in collaboration with Arpana Rayamajhi, patterned jogging bottoms and graphic t-shirts. Inspired by the bad boy image the aesthetics of the collection Cigarettes by Bruno Levy are classic yet playful.
As an artist Levy has exhibited at totems to contemporary taste such as Guggenheim, the Brooklyn Museum and the San Jose Museum of Art. Now Levy extends his exhibition space to the body in a less permanent form than tattooing. His collection Cigarettes by Bruno Levy is inspired by personal wardrobe pieces starting with Japanese souvenir jackets that birthed the cardigans. He applies contemporary European tattoo imagery, eyes and a spiderweb to garments in place of traditional motifs. No stranger to fashion previously Levy has constructed interactive installations for brands such as Hermes, Girard Perregaux, Adidas and Cole Haan. He’s been developing his own visual language over the years and this is his signature. Currently working out of Bandit studio the Paris-born, New York based artist is producing a limited edition line of the garments that are available to preorder now.
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