Ciao, bella! Your favourite Italian-Canadian DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Bruno Belissimo is here to cheer things up with Questo disco me lo comprerei, his new EP, out via label Polyamore (which he founded and manages). In just twenty minutes, this five-track record takes us back to the late-‘70s with its retro-inspired Italo/Nu Disco sounds.
At the end of September, Bruno teased his fans with Malocchio, the first (and only) single of the EP that he launches today. That song is, surprisingly, the one that closes Questo disco me lo comprerei, and it’s actually a happy ending despite the seemingly somber undertone. It tells the story of a heartbroken sorceress who conjures the dark forces against their ex, but the ex accomplishes to reject the dark power thanks to dancing with their heart and soul, with light and joyfulness.
It’s actually that light and joyfulness that are a common threat among the five tracks that make up the EP. The opening track, Questo disco me lo comprerei, is actually a cover from a rather lost song originally sang by Beatrice in 1985, the golden era of Italo-disco. In a way, it’s a hymn “to the ancient splendour of vinyl, a nostalgic tribute to the ritual of buying, listening to and sharing music in a different way.” Paying homage to lesser known tracks and artists from the genre, Bruno Belissimo makes a powerful statement about his love for the past and his aim to bring back those sounds, always taking twisting them in a way that still makes them feel fresh and contemporary.
The song is followed by Litighiamo, another spirit-lifting track despite its title (‘We Argue’ in English). It’s probably because of his brilliant production and warm approach to music-making, but Bruno has the capacity to make a song that sounds happy and lifts you up even though it talks about two people in a cabriolet ruining a perfect day at the beach.
Quite the opposite happens in the next two songs, Tutta la notte and Everybody loves dancing. With a more dance-y vibe, these two are especially made for those who love (and live for) the dance floor. Of course, we’re still in the mood from the late ‘70s and ‘80s, so don’t expect hardcore or trance. It’s still Nu Disco reminiscent of Italo-disco’s golden age, but updated with the 2023 flair. Both tracks are almost entirely musical, with a pounding bassline and a straight bass drum and some vocals from time to time. No complications, just flowing with the rhythm. By the way, ‘Everybody loves dancing’ is Polyamore Records’ motto, another testament of Bruno’s commitment to having fun, celebrating, and just trying to be happy. Bravo, Bruno, bravissimo!