The last time we spoke with Bronsen Vidas in September 2021, on the occasion of the release of his single Killing Time, the Los Angeles-based artist claimed the importance of taking time for ourselves in a society that is advancing at a dizzying pace. Having shown his interest in reflecting and questioning everything we believe to be true, he now reveals Outrunning It, which is a portrait of his life choices and experiences. A single that hides a deep meaning and in which he shares his own internal debates with his audience.
“I've travelled all over the United States looking for home, and I realised this year that I'm not chasing something, I'm running away from something,” the singer states flatly when asked about his new release, Outrunning it, which has just seen the light. Bronsen Vidas has been able to transform that distressing feeling into a positive reflection demonstrating his emotional management skills: “In essence, I'm making fun of myself while also accepting myself.” Something that not everyone is capable of. Knowing how to laugh at oneself and take things slow is something that we should all learn and apply in our lives.

The multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist, who began producing in 2019 trying to find a way to express himself further, also overcomes a new challenge with this single. “Outrunning It is also the first song I recorded with my piano in my house, making it a standout song from my other guitar-driven tracks,” he adds. One more proof that the artist does not stop improving himself experimenting with new formats and formulas while he continues to get to know himself.