Six months after we last spoke with Brenda Carsey, we now catch up with her on the occasion of the release of her new single and music video, Unfortunate Men. This song, which is off of Brenda Carsey's newly released full-length studio album Cognizance, touches on a myriad of stories and perspectives of what it means and how it feels to be a woman on this planet. And the music video that she now presents is the result of having collaborated with Sharon Like, who has hand-drawn frame by frame.
The Los Angeles-based vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer is back with a new release. After embarking on a story of self-reflection on some of life's most important issues with the third single off her full-length studio album CognizanceI'm Sorry, now allows us to learn a little more about her creative vision through her song and music video Unfortunate Men. An anthemic chamber pop song with a progressive and alternative edge led by emotional piano.

There is no lack of haunting strings, punchy and deep drum and bass, and an explosion of glam rock guitar and a full choir of women as the song unfolds. The music video for this single comes after having unveiled her long-awaited full-length album Cognizance, a journey charged with emotions in which we accompany her through a personal vision of music for thirteen tracks. From Just Trying To Do My Thing to Life Can Be A Bitch, we now stop over at her song Unfortunate Men to explore the incredible audio and visual collaboration that perfectly encapsulates the depth of feeling of the lyrics. Having teamed up with Sharon Like, the visual piece that comes along with the song adds an extra dose of meaning to the release.
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