“A club is really just an empty space, but filled with music and people, a connection arises, and then it has the potential to become the best place in the world.” Ahead of their dance-focussed EP Step out September 30th and their consecutive sixth album next year, the German acoustic dance music trio, Brandt Brauer Frick, strip down the complexities of a club to its fundamental core in their latest video, Are You Awake.
Wiping the sweat, sweeping the glitter, duling the noise, Are You Awake, explores an enigmatic yet elemental presentation of nightlife. Commissioned as part of a Step dance series in collaboration with Italian contemporary choreographer and performer Gioele Coccia, the video frames the transformative ability of simple club spaces to conjure deep and meaningful connections. Although no stranger to the finer spaces, having exhibiting past shows at Coachella, Glastonbury, Mutek, and Berghain, this video channels the initial simplicity of club spaces by inhibiting the confines of a white room.

This metamorphosis is expressed by the dancer’s captivating contortions, exploring Gioele Coccia’s philosophy of how “There are multiple egos inside all of us…made up of different facets, different versions of us, different personalities that escape, observe, overlap and confront each other.” As his body twists and turns through the absent confines, multiple figures of the protagonist converge and convex in a hypnotic cadence. All the while, the enigmatic display backdropped by the minimalist techno beats of the track.
Brandt Brauer 2.jpg