Boyish, the Brooklyn-based indie queer duo comprised of singer-songwriter India Shore and guitarist Claire Altendahl, is now releasing their new EP, My Friend Mica. This new work is dedicated to their six roommates in New York City, after moving in with six of their best friends in February. Six songs make up this new EP, highlighting its main single Legs, which gives us hypnotizing energy. But that’s not all. They’re performing at Capitol Hill Block Party on July 22. Do not miss it!
“Our life sort of feels like a sitcom, all of our roommates work in music or art in some form. Our manager lives above us, our makeup artist Ali Scharf lives on the third floor, and another one of our roommates Eli Edwards filmed a bunch of our music videos and takes a lot of our photos. We always joke that we made a content house where we are all supporting each other’s careers,” says the musical duo about their roommates turned family to whom they pay tribute with this new release, My Friend Mica. “Mica has helped me fully discover my identity and be strong in who I am,” adds guitarist Claire, who acknowledges having felt for the first time in their life that her identity has been respected and understood. “I think that has changed my life forever.”

India and Claire take us on a journey through the six tracks that they now reveal, from You Wanna Hurt Me to the title track, My Friend Mica, going through Congratulations, Smithereens, I Think I Hate It Here and Legs. Boyish will headline Elsewhere (Rooftop) in New York City during Pride week on June 21. And after touring with Remo Drive in May, they will be performing at Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party on July 22.