Following the wonderful growing trend of collaborations in music, today we present Bounce, the new single by Boy Boy featuring BackRoad Gee. The rising dancehall sensation, hailing from Trinidad joins forces with the United Kingdom rap sensation, whom we spoke to in November 2021 in an interview you can read here, to create their new song that comes along with a music video directed by the award-winning director Jay Parpworth. The visuals were filmed in the heart of London and highlight the essence of the city's nightlife and its thriving dance culture.
Having developed a passion for music at a very young age, Boy Boy is very excited to have collaborated with BackRoad Gee on the single we’re premiering today, Bounce. “He's one of the hottest artists on the scene right now, and I knew that working with him would take my music to the next level,” he tells us while he adds that Joffstar's production really brings out the best in both of them and can't wait for their fans to hear what they've been working on. Respect between artists is mutual, as explained by BackRoad Gee when asked about this latest release. “Working with Boy Boy on this track was a no-brainer. We both bring something unique to the table.”

Delivering a glorious fusion of UK rap and dancehall with afro-swing sensibilities, this single demonstrates the good harmony between artists, who prove to have understood each other’s vision perfectly during the creative process in which they join their strengths resulting in a single that combines the best from both creative universes.