Born in Flamez has mastered the art of push and pull. Returning with a double single, Play, their latest work combines various genres to create a sound that is both relaxing and jarring. As always, their work focuses on the fluidity of identity – from heavy mechanic percussions to light cascading notes, their experimental blend of sounds continues to blur the lines in all sorts of ways.
The first track is both enchanting and provocative. Beginning with an echoing ostinato, Born in Flamez creates a lucid atmosphere. The heavy bass offsets the lighter instrumentation, grounding the listener in the music. The singing is just as hypnotic as the music – the soft, melodic whisper feels simultaneously calming yet provoking. In contrast, the second track, This Is What My Body Says is much more upbeat and striking. The instrumentation features a groovy rhythm — the metallic sound of the hits give it an experimental edge. Throughout the song, we hear the repeated chant, “This is what my body says,” emphasising the artist’s focus on body liberation and queer identity.

Born in Flamez is no stranger to exploring such fluid sounds and themes; in fact, their entire music project is based on portraying their own malleable gender, identity and sound. Their work is deeply rooted in political and social change, and they consistently challenge the societal norms that govern the way we present ourselves. Play is a continuation of the mission – through diverse soundscapes that both sedate and provoke, Born in Flamez has pushed the boundaries once again.