Back in 2022, blondestandard debuted in the music industry with a couple of singles: California Dreams and Blue Eyes. Her sound blending rock and alt pop, as well as her inherent knowledge of showbusiness after being born and raised in LA made her a promising young artist to look out for. Sadly, things took an awry turn when she was diagnosed with cancer, which she’s been battling and recovering from these past couple of years. But today, the singer and songwriter emerges stronger than ever from that dramatic chapter in her life with a new song, titled Freakin Out.
Born Caroline Grace Vein, blondestandard is the alter ego through which she muses about life, human emotions, and more. In Freakin Out, she gets raw about loss, hope, despair, love and heartbreak, and delves into the tumultuous experience of falling for a musician. She opens the track singing: “Every time you leave away for you to come back / So give me one good reason your lies will always work / ‘Cause you’ve been around the world just for a minute / Push way more than city limits.”
Blending alt rock with hints of pop and even folk, the Los Angeles singer-songwriter is working again on crafting a sound and identity of her own. Reclaiming her space in the music industry after the two-year hiatus, blondestandard is here to stay. Because after dealing with cancer, she’s had the time to reflect on life, her goals and dreams, and has taken the opportunity to put pen to paper her feelings and emotions. So far, she’s releasing this new single; but we’re sure she’ll be back with more surprises in the coming months. So stay tuned, you don’t want to miss her next move.