Thousands of pink heart-shaped light sticks swarmed Palau St Jordi in Barcelona last Monday December 5th at the Blackpink concert. Who would've thought years ago that a K-pop band would bring in so many people here? That would have been strange to think about, say, 10 years ago, but since 2016 this group has become a global phenomenon that turns everything they touch into gold – or dare I say pink?
Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo were the main focus of the concert, of course, but so was everything else, really. The production, of course, was impeccable, from the twenty or thirty highly choreographed back-up dancers, to the full on band that accompanied them, to the transitional videos shown on screen, while they would change outfits – mind you, they had about three outfit changes, including a hairstyle transformation (in Jisoo's case, from loose to braided hair)... This just goes to show how much of a team effort this is. Everything was on point and it made me want to justify the high price point, as they also performed without missing a single beat. They almost recreated the sets of their music videos, making it a totally immersive experience.
Nothing is left out. All members had their standout moment, shining in their own unique way, being able to show their individual traits through their different signatures. You're in for a ride when you're attending a Blackpink concert. Nothing falls through, as everything has been meticulously calculated. And, funnily enough, the Y2K-inspired fashion from their outfits made me realise the most beautiful thing from the concert which is: Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo are now most likely emulating their K-pop and Western idols from the 2000's, from their fashion to their looks and attitude in general. We already got to see this, at least those of use who say the Netflix documentary Blackpink: Light Up The Sky, but their whole lives they just wanted to live out their dreams, and they're doing it right now. I hope they're proud of themselves and their artistry. Long live Blackpink.
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