Despite having published Utopia in 2017, Björk is still releasing new content up until today. The most recent one, the music video for Losss, one of the songs of the fourteen-track album that brought her work to even higher levels and standards. “Visualised by the overwhelmingly talented Tobias Gremmler”, as the Icelandic artist writes on the video’s description on YouTube, the music video shows two shape-shifting faces resembling Björk’s that engage in a sort of romantic, organic, and otherworldly relationship while they lipsync to the song’s lyrics.
“This is made for the multiple screens of Cornucopia and we share it all here on one for your laptop screen”, explains the video’s description. “We based the visuals on the conversations between our inner optimist and pessimist”, continues. Reminiscent of one of her most famous videos to date, All is Full of Love directed by Chris Cunningham, Losss shows orchid-like, sea anemone-like organic forms that transform and shift to an ever-changing digital game of seduction and opposition. While listening to it on the intimacy of your laptop and headphones, you can hear the different tones and levels that Björk has played with in this tune. “When I recorded this, I tried to sing in a deeper tone for one of them in the left speaker, and a higher optimist in the right. And if you listen on headphones, it will match the imagery”, the artist concludes.
Bjork Losss1.jpg