Biphony is back with a summer hit. The rising pop duo just released their latest single, Gemini, which is sure to be stuck in your head for a while. Just like its namesake star sign, Gemini is all about duality. It explores the unpredictable nature of being addicted to someone who is not good for you. This song is a culmination of queer singer-songwriter Samuel Pack’s trendy vocals, and producer Brandon Lake’s creative mixing.
Featuring a catchy beat, Gemini is the perfect song to get down to on the dance floor. It’s full of playful push-and-pulls – just as the song feels like it’s going to land somewhere, it retrains itself, creating empty space for delayed gratification. Likewise, the lyrics also detail the back-and-forth motion of a relationship. The actual drop is unique and somewhat unexpected. Instead of hard, thumping instrumentals, we are delightfully met with Samuel Pack’s rich vocals and a groovy string ostinato. The song also experiments with creative sound engineering techniques – the acapella introduction spins in and out of each earphone, making the listener feel immersed in the music from the very first second.

Gemini was created through a mutual want between us to create an infectious song, with a bassline to jump to, that would stick inside of anyone's head,” says the pop duo Biphony – and they’re not wrong. Gemini is playful, chill and infectiously groovy. It seems like we’ll be dancing to this hit all summer long.
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