Christmas and Prom: seemingly worlds apart, yet both aglow with twinkling lights, dazzling dresses and the cadence of laughter and dance, where miss-steps only add to the rhythm. The promise of indelible memories, with a more than slight chance of your night ending with the lingering whisper of existential rumination. Well, in the hands of Bimba y Lola, these not-so-different worlds come together, bestowing a party that is here to hush those wistful introspections and offer respite from the sweet melancholy of a fading memory – this time, the celebration ends with Swarovski crystals.
This year’s holiday campaign, featuring none other than METAL 45 cover star Caroline Polachek and lensed by Petra Collins, transforms the Bimba y Lola space into a disco ready to implode. Caroline Polachek stands as an eccentric force in the music industry – she exudes eclectic energy and pop prowess, yet assumes an almost ethereal presence in the campaign videos. In one of the three, Caroline verges on… angelic? In all of them, the crystals certainty are. Maybe the holy spirit of this JingleProm finds embodiment in her, or perhaps the crystals serve as our guiding force, leading us towards the light!
As the curtains rise on Bimba y Lola’s holiday campaign, the spotlight falls on the dazzling star of the season: the Hobo Pocket Bag, adorned with your end of the night relief, Swarovski crystals – a few taking on the shape of hearts. With a double carry handle, leather shoulder strap and two front pockets, your leather partner stands tall in XS, asserting its might in six colours: black, red, burgundy, bone, moss and pear green. Still, this is merely the beginning. The collection is here to complete your ensemble with a selection of dresses that mirror the heart’s aesthetic motif: fringing, asymmetrical straps, twisted sleeves, caped and puffed silhouettes on draped necklines for the perfect slip dress.
Standing by in anticipation, a waxed leather set awaits, consisting of a maxi top with a heart brooch and pants decorated with metal grommets to complete the look. No need to worry, the heart design isn’t confined to just a brooch, it has transcended into statement jewellery. The collection comes to an end with a jewellery proposal, featuring coloured heart-shaped stones and silver stars in large sizes – a charm emanating the luminance of Bimba y Lola’s holiday cheer.
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