The energy that is generated when we connect with someone is incredible. A bond that suddenly arises and that is consolidated as we get to know each other, that radiates brilliance, passion and illusion. And not only in the sentimental field or in romantic relationships, but also in friendship. BIIANCO and MOONZz came together in late 2021 for a songwriting session and released their single pray2u after a couple of hours. A perfect example of the result that human connections can produce. And to top it off, a myriad of different instruments were played throughout the video.
“We wrote and produced this the day we met. It’s about falling hard (the right way – none of that toxic stuff)” both artists commented on their Instagram the day their new single was released. Their new song was written about explosive love-at-first-night passion, starting from what we feel when we meet a person with whom energy flows and a very special relationship is generated as if we knew him from past lives. And it is curious how BIIANCO and MOONZz transfer that inexplicable feeling to the field of friendship in one of the most stimulating collaborations of recent times. They even have the same birthday!

Directed by Erin Hinojos, the music video immerses us in an enveloping atmosphere tinted with vibrant colours where we see the artists play a multitude of instruments. The video was styled with the Maddy and Cassie duo from Euphoria in mind as the main visual influence by Lani Ault with hair and makeup by Bailee Wolfson. We see an aesthetic completely in line with the rhythm and melody of the song that offers us an addictive piece full of energy.