Take a walk through a whimsical forest with the new piano ballad, Three Birds by pianist and composer Belle Chen. This ambient and ethereal song was released today and will be included as part of her new album, Ravel in the Forest, coming out in February, giving listeners a glimpse of her imaginative and nature-inspired new music.
Chen is a London-based Taiwanese and Australian artist, and has long established herself as a global sensation with performances around the world. This pianist-composer uses her melodies and electronic synths to artfully lure listeners into her world, and this new single is especially captivating. The song’s soft and intricate piano chords are intertwined with cascading passages and met with light electronic sounds that mimic the sounds of a bird’s chirp. Chen, inspired by watching three birds gather and disperse on a tree branch, is trying to show listeners rather than tell them what it’s like to hear the forest.
The song comes ahead of her new album called Ravel in the Forest, which is set to come out on February 16th and include tracks with names like The Dragonfly and My Deers. Each of these songs mimic the movements of creatures moving through the forest, and Chen pays attention to all of the details. Listeners can hear the hum of insect wings and the slight ruffle of the leaves in the breeze, adding to an immersive and cinematic experience.
Chen is an intriguing and inspiring artist, finding melodies in the everyday world around her. Her music is not only meant to connect listeners to nature, but to connect them to themselves. She explains, “The most important aspect of this record is the listener, and how his, her, or their own imagination enables them to find that wonderful, inquisitive forest from within.”
Three Birds is out today, so go relax and take a break by listening to the calming sounds of this introspective song.