Artists always remember the first steps in their artistic careers. Their first shootings, their debut singles, or their first gigs. These are experiences that one never forgets, which evoke a unique emotion where dreams, innocence, and the desire to conquer the world and express oneself through creativity meet. This is precisely what 16-year-old singer-songwriter Bella Stine, who has just released her first single, wasted potential, must be feeling now.
Having spent the last few years cleverly curating her teenage experience into her very first EP and being inspired by female powerhouses like Gracie Abrams and Phoebe Bridgers, this up-and-coming singer describes music as her getaway. Although she has just started her musical adventure, she already shows great creative maturity by writing based on her experiences that often come from a vulnerable place. There is nothing better than starting from personal experiences to shape releases that seek to connect closely with the audience.

"Wasted potential, like all my songs, is deeply personal and taken from the experience. It captures the slow acceptance of letting go and yet the lingering disappointment in how a situation ended up when there was obviously so much more it could've been if maybe a couple of things had been different," the artist comments on her debut single. Thanking all the people who have made this single possible and every person who has listened to her latest song, Stine shares a final thought. "Overall, this song reflects the past memories of how a person can affect you and knowing it could've been different.”