London Fashion Week witnessed a dazzling fusion of fashion, music, and digital art as HUGO unveiled its highly-anticipated HUGO x Bella Poarch capsule collection at Flannels X. The event, held at the heart of Oxford Street, was nothing short of a sensory extravaganza, seamlessly blending the realms of fashion and technology. With live DJ sets, immersive digital art installations, and a star-studded guest list from the international fashion scene, it was a night that embodied the essence of Bella Poarch’s unapologetic rebellion and creative spirit. Known for her viral lip-syncing videos and grunge-pop music career, Bella Poarch has emerged as a symbol of authenticity and individuality in the world of social media and content creation. As a multi-season brand ambassador for HUGO, her collaboration with the brand was eagerly anticipated.
The event unfolded as a multi-layered experience, where three central themes—Cyber-Punk, Code Red, and Intergalactic—were brought to life through interactive installations and artistry. Guests were drawn into a world where technology met rebellion, and creativity knew no bounds. One standout feature was the AI-generated selfie pod, which engaged and delighted attendees, allowing them to be a part of Bella’s world in a unique way.

The Flannels X basement event area was transformed into a digital wonderland, with floor-to-ceiling LED screens displaying animated videos and captivating visuals by digital artist Gabriel Massan. The result was a larger-than-life phygital playground of sensory storytelling, where fashion and art converged to create an unforgettable experience. As the night unfolded, Bella Poarch took to the DJ booth to debut her latest single, Crush, setting the stage for a musical journey that resonated with the rebellious spirit of the collection. Fellow music artists Tamera and Marlie graced the stage with their exclusive performances, infusing the evening with boundless energy, attitude, and upbeat tracks. Bella also shared smiles and took photos with ten lucky meet-and-greet winners, adding a personal touch to the night.

The guest list featured notable figures from the fashion world, including Abby Roberts, Lola Clark, Kenza Boutrif, Feli Verena Greipel, and Eva Garnier, all adorned in HUGO x Bella Poarch and HUGO Fall/Winter 2023 looks, which added to the style quotient of the event. The collaborative collection itself is a testament to Bella’s world—an unapologetic rebellion where grunge and glam intertwine with HUGO’s codes of individuality. The capsule features statement styles suitable for any occasion. Acid-washed denim in shades of gray and slate, distressed jersey pieces, graphic T-shirts adorned with Bella’s face and name, an oversized patterned blazer and hoodie, knee-high and heel-high black patent Chelsea boots, and an asymmetrical handbag draped in chain link—all these pieces reflect Bella’s bold and audacious style.

In the midst of the collection launch, we had the privilege of sitting down with the multifaceted icon herself. Here’s an exclusive glimpse into the mind of the artist and collaborator behind this collection.
Hugo X Bella Poarch 1.jpg
How does it feel to be collaborating with HUGO, and what does this partnership mean to you?
I love working alongside HUGO; collaboratively, they are the best team I have ever worked with, both in terms of work ethic and creativity.
How does it feel to be chosen by HUGO to honour the role of a generation’s creative expression?
HUGO is all about self-expression, originality, and empowerment, all values which I hold very close to me and carry in my music, the way I dress, and my creative endeavours. I can’t express how happy and honoured I am to be chosen by HUGO to continue my own journey of self-expression.
As someone who has transitioned from TikTok to music and now to fashion, how do you navigate these different creative realms, and how do they intersect in your overall artistic vision?
At the end of the day, it all comes down to expressing yourself and being able to stay authentic, both in how you carry and present yourself. I think these values inherently translate into all my work and are now being reflected through clothes as a method of self-expression.
Could you share some insights into the creative process behind this collaboration? How did you infuse your personal style into the collection?
This collaboration with HUGO is part of my last project and EP, Dolls, which is all about speaking up for what you stand for –the whole collection stays true to the dark, edgy, and bold spirit of the EP and my music videos. I wear a lot of comfy, dark and edgy clothes in my day to day, so the collection came by naturally. I use my clothes as armour, and I wanted anyone who wears this collection to feel powerful.
How does it feel to use your platform and creative work to empower and inspire others?
I love uplifting other people, and this is reflected in all of my work. When it comes to fashion, I have always loved to wear things that I feel confident in, and I wanted to create a collection that is both empowering and rebellious. So far, I have been able to uplift others with my music and content, but I’m really fortunate to be able to step into fashion and inspire others through this collection.
Empowering my fan base is something which I always aspire to. Growing up, I felt like I really lacked the chance to express myself, so now that I can, I want to push others and empower them to be themselves. It’s a process.
In what ways do you see your collaboration with HUGO inspiring and empowering individuals to embrace their own unique style and break the rules?
This collection has been made for everyone. I can’t wait to see how my fans mix and match all of the pieces to empower their looks when exploring their style with HUGO. I want them to feel themselves and learn to expand their creativity through their clothes.
Looking back at your accomplishments thus far, what are you most proud of, and what goals do you still hope to achieve in the future?
Right now, I am most proud of the music I put out. I actually just released my latest single, Crush, today, and I’m super excited to see that people are loving it!
The limited capsule of styles will be exclusively available at Flannels X Pop Up Spaces in London, Liverpool, and Sheffield, as well as online at for a six-day period starting on September 15. Following this exclusive release, the HUGO x Bella Poarch collection will make its way to stores worldwide and from September 20.
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