Artists are very specific about the way they want to sound like and look like. Their artistry is (almost) everything to them, so it’s sometimes complicated to have others re-imagine what you’ve put out there. But not for Bébe Yana, who one year later after releasing the singles 64 and Chemistry, has invited four different DJs into remixing those songs. The result is her new The Rmxs: Vol. 1 EP, a four-track record where DJs and producers Salamanda, Romderful, Margo XS, and Florentino have their take on Bébe’s original songs.
Starting with Seoul-based duo Salamanda, known for their organic sounds, which help create sonic landscapes – just take their 2023 album In Parallel, for example. They’ve remixed 64, where Bébe Yana’s voice has a heavy reverb effect – so much that one wonders, have Salamanda recorded their own voices over? The original song’s dreamy atmosphere changes radically with the duo’s remix, which give it a more obscure, mysterious undertone. Closing the EP, we find another remix of 64, only this time, it’s by Florentino. Known for producing songs with artists working across urban, reggaeton, and even hip-hop like Isabella Lovestory, Bad Gyal, or La Zowi, it’s a surprising move that he’s paired up with the K-pop sensation for a remix. With his mastery, he’s turned 64 into a club-ready banger, one that could easily play in a club in Ibiza.
Between these two, we find the remixes of Chemistry. The first one is by Romderful, who’s given the track a very drum ’n’ bass spin. While the original song is softer and could be classified as pop, Romderful speeds it up and gives it a heavier underlining bass. On the other hand, Margo XS has turned Chemistry into a more electronic track. It reminds us of the work Charli XCX or even some bits of Arca, and we’re here for it. With more complex melodies and effects and ad libs, Margo’s take on the song is perfect for club-goers.