Today is the day! With a Bella Hadid-fronted campaign is how Balenciaga and adidas are announcing that their collaboration is now on sale in select stores. From tracksuits and accessories to the so-called Destroyed Stan Smith, which are exactly that, a revised version of the Stan Smith model that has been ‘toughened-up,’ completely worn out, intentionally so, in an exquisite way. You can now buy all of the garments except for the sneakers, which are now on pre-sale and you can order through the Confirmed app. Because who likes crisp white brand new sneakers?
Balenciaga X Adidas 6.jpg
Balenciaga X Adidas 1.jpg
Balenciaga X Adidas 4.jpg
Balenciaga X Adidas 2.jpg
Balenciaga X Adidas 5.jpg