Bad Sounds are a band of siblings, Callum and Ewan Merrett. They have been refining an eclectic and diverse genre-defying sound, with each new release coming as an entirely new surprise. Their latest single, Escaping From A Violent Time, is a powerful gospel-inspired track. An affirming soulful mantra.
The timing of the track publication is clearly important. Bad Sounds say, “we’re releasing the song at a time when the song can be interpreted in a much more literal way.” The duo’s new single holds a lot of weight, discussing how we distract ourselves from the violence of the world, whilst wishing we could do more. It is a mature and tasteful song, which is relatively inexplicit, leaving it open to interpretation. The restrained instrumentation is surprising to hear from Bad Sounds, who are recognised for their quite bombastic instrumentation and production. We covered their song Nu Me Nu Yu a year ago, and the contrast between these tracks really shows their diversity as musicians.
The restrained production is essential for this new song though. It has a quiet and subtle build-up to an explosive ending. The track comes from Bad Sounds’ upcoming EP, Escaping From A Violent Time, Vol IV, which we are looking forward to hearing in its entirety soon.