As we announced in this article in which we featured the release of his single I Salute featuring Zlatan, Bad Boy Timz would release his debut album some weeks later. Now it’s time to present his great project for 2023, No Bad Boy, No Party, which he revealed just a few days ago and it's a true celebration of life. Trying to rediscover his infectious positivity and energy, the award-winning afro-pop sensation presents his exciting eleven-track opus via his own imprint, Shock Absorbers Music, in partnership with global independent label Empire.
“My struggle for the past 2 years has been my inspiration for this album, I have been stressed out, working, spending time in mediation, and desperate for fun... wanting to dance the bad energy away,” the artist replies when asked about the inspiration behind his latest release, No Bad Boy, No Party, whose aim is to infect positivity and energy to be felt by his fans. “Whether they choose to listen to this music on a night out, at a wedding, while they are having a solo dance party in their bedroom because they need a pick me up, or as they are working out, I want No Bad Boy, No Party to be the feel-good soundtrack for all life's moments.”

From the life-affirming track Igboro championing the Bad Boy Timz mantra that nothing is impossible, to SantoriniOn Me or the aforementioned I Salute featuring Zlatan, the eleven tracks that make up his new album are the result of having channelled his life experiences and feelings in an honest project birthed in-part out of Timz's 2-year legal battle with his former label. As he says on his social media, this latest release brings together blood, sweat, and tears over 3 years, making it his most personal project to date.