Working meetings, housework, a thousand unforeseen events that have forced us to make quick and effective decisions every second... Among so many things to do, it is easy for us to forget ourselves, not knowing what we really want and what makes us happy. Now Brooklyn-based synth funk-pop duo Bad vindicates the need to take time for oneself and pay attention to what our bodies need on their new single Bubblebath, even though mental noise sometimes makes it almost impossible. A melody charged with good energy that aims to help us in this challenge.
Two and a half minutes is enough for Julia Brex and Jackson Hoffman, the artist duo behind Bad, to remind us that self-care and self-love should be the cornerstones of our lives. The foundations on which we build our aspirations and desires, to which they add an extra dose of joy and energy through funk rhythms and their own style in which pop meets soul and ‘90s and early 2000s R&B. A proposal that dares to address an issue as important as self-care, avoiding drama and opting instead for a miscellany of fun and self-empowerment.

After 10 years of writing and recording music together, the musical duo combines pop songwriting and production for other artists with their most personal project, Bad, born of their passion for funk music and the feeling that music should be a meeting place without borders and labels. And it is that this joyful vibration that characterises their new single, Bubblebath, is not an isolated event. Their commitment to danceable rhythms and the fusion of musical genres was already noticeable in their previous single Sweat, making the song they release today the last stop – for the moment – of their exciting journey through music.
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