From an early young age, girls are encouraged to find love, a magical one. Somehow, when they grow up and turn into teenagers, they find out that love isn’t passionate, but gloomy. That’s what To Be a Girl, the new single by Ayla D’Lyla is all about: “It’s a letter to all of the girls who have lost themselves in the midst of a relationship.”
Beginning with her melodic voice and some chords, To Be a Girl creates a melancholic atmosphere. The bass, violin and piano intensify the sadness and that heavy pressure on your chest when something is hurting you. The lyrics remind us of a poem about heartbreak with these painful words: “I’m lost, I’m thin without him” or “Why is it that your hand can always make me stay.” The music video, shot by her sister Malina Weissman, shows the concept of loneliness through D'Lyla's performance.

This new single follows Anywhere but Here and Money, which are both sort of like introspective journal entries. Some girls lose themselves in a relationship, idealising the notion of romance, spending most of their lives looking for their prince charming as Disney preaches. The truth behind relationships is more complex, and she tries to explain that feeling, that anxiousness that surrounds someone when they cannot understand what is happening or where they're at.