By embracing timelessness and reinventing the classics through a modern lens, Ayama is creating one of the most exciting communities on the fashion scene today. On the one hand, its impressive pieces whose pattern and design –besides the search for the highest quality – make this brand a stimulating project. On the other, the values ​​that it defends and its connection with a way of understanding fashion in which aesthetics go hand in hand with a coherent vision adapted to the new times. Now, the New York-based brand presents its 2022 campaign shot by Eva Losada and styled by Natalia Farnaus
Available exclusively on its website, the garments included in its new collection, locally sourced and crafted in New York City from the finest materials in unconventional silhouettes, promise not to leave anyone indifferent. The combination of colours, the perfect technical execution or the top quality fibers are some of its differentiating elements, materialized in the form of garments such as the Shearling Bomber, Pilot Bomber, Racer Top + Pants, Lambo Jacket + Pants, Benz Bustier and Utility Midi Skirt.

Ayama’s front designer Maya J, who studied at the London College of Fashion and was named runner-up to the inaugural Amiri Prize in 2021, is determined to make fashion a better place, where all of us can express ourselves, making our looks one more layer of our personality with which to show how we are. But above all, with which to empower ourselves, feel strong and comfortable in our own skin. Contemporaneity merges with the best production techniques in their new collection, whose campaign we are now featuring.

But how does Maya intend to revolutionise the fashion industry? “By constructing staples within a community that is unbound by definition,” she replies determinedly when asked. And it is that this brand will give a lot to talk about.
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