Breaking new ground in the fashion world is no easy task, creating a memorable show that transcends the catwalk and is on everyone's lips requires a unique perspective. This is something that Beate Karlsson, the Creative Director of Avavav, knows well. This year she surprises us again with her Fall/Winter 2023 collection, with her particular and satirical look at the industry. The designer presents us with an unforgettable show in which she parodies luxury and shows us the collapse of this illusion.
The Italian brand revolutionised the internet just half a year ago with its Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show, a satire on the superficiality of fashion, where all the models fell down as they walked down the catwalk. The Milan fashion week welcomes the new proposal of the Creative Director, this time we also witness a collapse but it is not of the models themselves but of the clothes and even the set. Fake it till you break it is an exploration of luxury, shame and false projections.

Tops that unbutton and fall off, accessories that fall apart, mini-skirts that open up and heels that break making the models stagger, dresses that disappear in pieces, and to top it all off, the fall of part of the set when the designer came out to greet, exposing what was going on behind the show, make the spectator reflect on the perception of luxury, craftsmanship and quality. An experimental show full of objects and garments that break and fall, showing us the worst that could happen in a fashion show, as an ironic element with which to make a clear critique of contemporary luxury.

The collection fuses streetwear silhouettes, such as tracksuits and oversized outerwear, some of them with the message “Hot, Rich, Famous,” with sinuous bodysuits and elegant dresses with cut-outs, miniskirts and low-cut tops, accompanied by printed chiffon gloves. Black was the main colour with earth tones, mauve, red and blue. The star accessories were the shoes, from giant fur boots to revised versions of his extravagant designs such as the toe-shaped boot.

A moment of embarrassment portrayed on the catwalk with the intention of generating or existing in the same dimension of luxury. Shame as one more complement to add to your looks. Beate Karlsson reaffirms herself as one of the most innovative experimental brands in the industry, with irony as her hallmark.
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