Autow Nite Superstore is back with another thumping bassline. The Athens-based producer and DJ’s latest release is the first single from his upcoming album. Featuring Irene Diaz, I Thought I Lost U, creates an energetic vibe – the song builds momentum within its interesting texture and metallic-sounding instrumentals.
The song begins with some grit – a rolling bassline jumps right out at the listener. This deep sound continues throughout the first verse, contrasting with Irene Diaz’s lighter vocals, creating an ominous vibe. As the song builds to the drop, so do the instrumentals. This is exciting and liberating – the irregular high-tone hits add an energetic burst to the sound and the pounding bassline creates momentum. Autow Nite Superstore certainly plays with his toolbox, infiltrating his music with metallic rhythms in some areas and completely pulling back in others. It all feels somewhat restrained until the last drop, where we get to hear the thumping bass and metallic slaps return at full force – here, we are truly sonically liberated.

Alongside the single, Autow Nite Superstore directed and edited the accompanying music video, which follows a runner on her morning jog during blue hour. The video features scenic shots of the twilight sky transitioning into sunrise as the runner moves throughout Athens. Her movements highlight the energy in the music – she begins in a slow jog, but as the music drops, she begins to dance freely and spontaneously. Although Autow Nite Superstore is no stranger to heavy basslines and brutal textures, this music experiments with the push-and-pull of these sounds, creating something fresh and exciting.
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