Faced with the inevitable dread of adulthood, Augustine is expressing his fears about transitioning from childhood bliss to the stresses of adult life. Explaining “I can't tell when I felt my age,” the Swedish artist questions if we will ever really know when we are accomplished adults. Along with his companion Rassmus Björnson, they have created a multi-dimensional album that expresses the confusion of adapting to adult life through a fusion of ‘70s melodies, classic string quartets, bachata, and lo-fi guitar riffs – which you wouldn’t think would work but trust us, it does.
His early release single Teach Me expresses his feelings towards not knowing anything about being an adult. Augustine understands the huge responsibility of needing to know what to do; it is overbearing and sometimes all that is needed is a bit of guidance, however, not everything can be taught. The more upbeat tracks on his album provide a glimpse of hope for those struggling with adulthood, like Woman, which features a ‘Bee-Gees-esque’ disco beat, bringing the heat of summer to the not-so-hot winter.
By laying his harmonious vocals over expressive instrumental backing tracks, Augustine creates complementary sounds that soothe the brain. Fever is a great example of the singer’s ability to take two different melodies and form them into the feeling of reminiscence. The album becomes gradually more melancholic as you listen to it as Augustine delves further into the theme of the passing of time, talking about the loss of meaning, memories, and “familiar faces”.
Having received two Swedish Grammy nominations, Augustine’s work is highly revered. Considering this is only his second album, his achievements are paramount. Starting in Gothenburg, Sweden, he has expanded his talents globally, and I’m sure his future tours will be even more impressive and widespread. It is clear Augustine has some adoring fans, all you have to do is look at his socials and see how strong his support is.
This new and complex album could easily be considered the next classic coming-of-age soundtrack. Its heartening vibe and tasteful lyrics add a feeling of hope for listeners, with the knowing and knowledge that someone else is experiencing the same life complications as themselves. Out today, the album is well worth the listen, especially if you find yourself having a beginning-of-life crisis.
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