Past and present, humanity and divinity, ethnicism and futurism. Duality becomes the basis on which Ask & Embla’s new collection, Mətasapiens, is built. The careful selection of future relics reimagined with ancestral echoes that the alternative jewellery brand now presents is an ode to self-expression and diversity, breaking patterns, and proving that jewellery can be a very powerful weapon for self-expression loaded with meaning. Created for the unconventional and celebrating rebellion, which pushes us to continue experimenting and testing formulas never seen before, Mətasapiens is now available online.
Being a tribute to our collective human heritage, Ask & Embla’s latest release demonstrates that nothing is impossible. The jewellery that makes up Mətasapiens, among which we find earrings, chain necklaces, rings, ear cuffs, lip cuffs and many other pieces which allow us to express ourselves freely, honours our interconnected ancestry as a Homo sapiens race through the ages and beyond. “Throughout history, countless indigenous cultures have embraced body adornment and modification as a way to express identity—a universal language that resonates through skin and bone,” says the brand’s manifesto, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary.
The intangible value attached to accessories, which Ask & Embla refers to as “adornments for the soul,” is the fundamental element of its new collection, where we find very interesting pieces. The Asmyrhia Earrings, which once graced the possession of the Asmyrhians, the esteemed guardians of the Astral Portal wand and are made from 925 Silver kinder to sensitive skin, or the Oracle Charm, which is crafted by hand under ethical working conditions and are compatible with any base jewellery of your choice from The Charm Lab series, are just some of the jewels we find at Mətasapiens. You can check them all here.
Don’t be surprised if you find minor imperfections in their jewellery though as they are the result of their handcrafted process, and that is precisely what makes them unique. No two pieces are exactly the same, preserving the magic of craftsmanship and the value of having something exclusive. Ask & Embla celebrates changemakers, rebels, mystics, and romantics, and we are all welcome to their creative universe.
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