The visual pop-world of Ashnikko takes caricatures and extremes to the most tantilising places in slumber party. The video serves theatre-set siren wench realness with the powerful collaboration of Princess Nokia. Explicitly foregrounding lesbian desire and sex, the artist contests feminist theory that "woman is the sex that cannot be thought" breaking free of taboo. We like where she's going with this.
Wearing breast-plates by Nusi Quero, and even a laced corset in her back, Ashnikko acts as her sexy-spooky 'demi-devil' persona that we have come to know her by. The 2021 album, DEMIDEVIL saw collaborations with Grimes and Princess Nokia - and as Ashnikko ascents with the princesses of pop, we are happy to see increased visibility for queer experiences.Talking about the track Ash says it's “a sexy song I wrote about a girl I had a crush on," lamenting: "It seems to be a reoccurring theme that I always fall for girls who are dating someone else”.

Impressive choreography, second-to-none styling and set design makes this a video one you can't miss. Princess Nokia as a siren on a rock, Ashnikko slinking across a theatre stage in Marie Antoinette inspired attire and queer femme dance troupe - what more could you want? The track has the same bounce as Milkshake, but a very different message.
Ashnikko Princess Nokia Slumber Party Shot.jpg