The release of the debut single is a particularly important moment in the career of any artist. Turned into their letter of introduction to their current audience and those listeners who will follow in the musician's footsteps, this first song will most likely accompany the creatives in their careers. Now London-born-and-bred Asher Ossn has just released his first single, Bound. The 21-year-old is now experiencing that very special turning point full of meaning, stripping down himself to his audience, metaphorically speaking, showing everything he has to say and allowing us to listen to his most personal sound.
Pulling elements of electronica, garage and pop into his debut single, Ossn is now releasing his debut single, Bound, which marks the beginning of a promising career. It's not easy to get the likes with the first single from an audience exposed to countless stimuli, daily releases and endless news that sometimes causes talent to be overshadowed by headlines, fleeting phenomena or sudden meteoric rises. But the sensitivity that this release transmits is typical of a consolidated artist who has already been able to connect with an audience that is looking for something beyond trends. A different pure and honest sound.

On the singer's Instagram, we only find one post, leaving free space for everything that is to come without revealing too much about his upcoming projects or releases. “A long time coming but it's finally here and more to come son,” we read in this post. The outcome, Bound, is a dreamy hard-to-box track that feels like one to keep on repeat. Now we can only wait to see the next steps that the young singer takes. Stay tuned!