Ash Walker's new single, Time Gets Wasted featuring Denitia and Sly5thAve takes us on a journey over the rainbows, above the clouds and into the stars above. The perfect synchrony between the different instruments and Denitia's vocals generates a unique atmosphere full of nuances. But that’s not all. The London-based artist has just announced the release of his new album, Astronaut, out on June 30 via Night Time Stories. We are ready to discover all the details of this new chapter in his musical career that comes four years after his explorative third full-length Aquamarine.
“On making the record I wanted people to feel the warmth, positivity and comfort that reeds and woodwinds provide (played by Sly5thave) juxtaposed against disjointed drums, with undertones of melancholic piano inspired by Bill Evans (played by Jonathan Shorten),” says Ash Walker on this first single Time Gets Wasted, included on his next album, Astronaut, which cements his place among jazz music's elite. Through ten tracks, we will embark on a fascinating musical adventure, a plethora of award-winning collaborators and combining a dizzying array of sounds.

Being an avid record collector, Walker has DJed far and wide and chooses his collaborators with precision, with whom he shapes songs in which they give their best by exploring new formulas. This next project which will be unveiled in a few weeks will bring many surprises!