In less than a year Aryeè The Gem has carved a niche for herself on the music scene. This year will consolidate her presence on the current musical panorama, just a few months after bursting onto the scene with her progressive soul debut Spring, which garnered over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone and caused quite a stir on TikTok. Now the multi-faceted Atlanta-based singer, songwriter, and vocal producer is releasing her new song along with a music video, To It. This is the first single from her upcoming debut solo EP, which is set to be released this summer via independent label Saint & Citizen Music.
“This song was inspired by one of my character flaws, which is overthinking,” the artist replies when we ask her about the starting point of this new single and the meaning behind it. Many of us can feel identified with the reality she talks about, being aware that we must overcome our fears and insecurities to grow personally and become stronger. A process that is not always easy and in which we must also accept negative emotions and respect ourselves. “I'm allowing myself to alchemize some of my 'lower vibrational' feelings in a way that honours and respects them, while simultaneously pushing past them to elevate. If the only constant thing we have in life is change, then we all must keep getting to it,” she adds.

The music video that comes along with this new single, To It, is directed by Los Angeles-based cinematography duo MOM that perfectly recreates the very important themes that Aryeè The Gem addresses in her lyrics. “The video represents freedom, hope, and experiencing that place where the weights of life feel lifted from my shoulders,” comments the artist after saying to have learned who she really was through her ability to face periods in her life where things have been difficult.