Inspired by the brilliant American tailor, king of western-wear, Nudie Cohn and the iconic white suit full of rhinestones he made for musician Gran Parsons, Aries, the genderless luxury streetwear brand, famous for its print techniques, joins forces with the casual glamour of Juicy Couture to present this unique limited edition collaboration. Where Los Angeles's ‘sex, drugs and rock'n'roll’ style is the starting point to unite their essence through Rhinestoned Cowboys.
One of Juicy Couture's most recognisable creations is their velvet tracksuits. Aries revisits them and gives these outfits a twist by bringing their take on trash culture and their passion for illustration and garment dyeing. A striking distorted snake print in fuchsia and caramel or laser-bleached velvet creating a water effect in worn black and pink make up the first four sets of this collaboration. Logomania is ever present here, as we see a cross formed with the names of both brands all over, and Aries' iconic “No Problemo” set in shiny stones.

In addition to these four outfits, there is a pink jacket, two unisex t-shirts with prints and a rhinestoned logo, three caps with different prints and the collaboration slogan “I am Juicy,” and two classic Aries Temple t-shirts in black or white, with the same slogan.
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